About Us

We are a team of experienced healthcare professionals who look at our healthcare system and continue to feel something more effective must be done. Our goal is to empower the healthcare consumer with a fundamental knowledge-base of improving and protecting one's own health; furthermore, the consumer should get rewarded for this knowledge.

The concept of the Health Defense Certification Course (HDCC) was born to accomplish this goal. We have taken the most effective preventative clinical advice to the many patients we have seen and compiled it to create this course. This not only benefits the consumer, but the consumer's family, employer, insurer, and society as a whole. Within a good idea everyone wins. We remain convinced the Health Defense Certification Course is one of those good ideas.

For some it will be an eye-opener of habits and behaviors that may need to change. For others it will be an opportunity to receive reward for the knowledge and practice of established healthy habits. In any case we aim to provide the catalyst to healthier living for the masses.

We have recognized that many Americans are so bombarded with commercialized diets, exercise plans, and other health remedies, it can become confusing what is hype and what isn't. The HDCC is designed to present the public with information derived from the latest credible studies available. Once the basic knowledge is obtained, things become far less confusing on what is actually healthy.

The many corporate wellness plans available have yet to fulfill their intended goals. The HDCC is the starting point for many that complements any corporate wellness plan. We are convinced
that the HDCC will enhance the effectiveness of established corporate wellness plans by increasing comprehension and compliance.

We also recognize that a solid understanding of healthy preventative behavior should result in less spent on health care services for that individual. Those that have proven themselves to have obtained such knowledge should be awarded a return on the overall savings. The Health Defense Course Certificate of
Completion serves as proof of that knowledge and understanding. You should be entitled to paying less for the health insurance coverage you proficiently manage.

We will continue to work to make your Health Defense Course Certificate universally recognized and honored.